Will I Get Social Security When I Retire?- Who Knows, Better to Prepare Now


Your Future is at Stake, Better to Prepare now.

There have been discussions for years about how long the Social Security System will last and how much you will get when you retire. We know that they pay out more dollars every year for Social Security retirements, medical and disability benefits than are replaced. Supposedly at the present rate of use the funds will last until 2035. Not to worry though as we have been assured that thru interest on certain financial instruments and other sources the funds will be maintained.

BUT because other costs seem to continually rise due to inflation or other reasons the government has not found a way to fully fund these benefits.

That means that you will receive benefits however probably at a lower rate than you would have expected.

Another Source of Income

You can develop another source of income. As you know, the Online Business is astronomical and getting larger continually.







Amazon and other online businesses have greatly affected brick and mortar stores such as Circuit City, Sears, Macys, JC Penney and Toys are Us to mention just a few.

You may wonder, how can we as individuals compete with the large corporations. We Join Them.

We can join them by becoming an affiliate and representing a product that they make or sell. They pay us a commission for representing their product and by using a website, offering information to visitors on-line who are looking for their product.

I very often look on-line to find an item and then see all of the specifics about it before I make a decision to buy it.
Many people after finding a product, search for information about it, including a review of its benefits before making their final choice.

So, Why would You want to do this?

Because depending upon your current age, your benefits after 2035 could be lowered by 23% to start.

This a very good way with a very small investment for learning, to build up a base of passive income ahead of time.

The Way it is Done:

Wealthy Affiliate is a company dedicated to educating and giving us a path to success.

They have built a platform of learning consisting of a Certification for Entrepreneurship of 5 levels of 10 lessons each and another way called Bootcamp consisting of 7 levels.

This is all supplemented by a library of hundreds of instructional videos. There is a new one once a week

and a fantastic Community of members who add in training modules regularly.

As an affiliate:

You will not have any payments,

Or handle any merchandise,

You do not have anything to do with shipping or returns.

You can check out My Review of Wealthy Affiliate Right Here.

They have a FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP with no obligation ( not even a credit card ) so you can see if it’s for you.
Plan now so you can enjoy the future better.
Some people are working 2-3 jobs a week now, others may be at a higher level with 1 job but with too many hours working and or traveling to and from work.
Whether you are 25 or 85 it is never too early or too late to think about an extra income source, there are members younger than 25 and older than 85.

Yes you will have to dedicate some time. You can try to squeeze in a little less TV time as an example.

It’s for your future.


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